UNJAMMED 2020- A Blended Learning Initiative

Jun 9, 2020 |

Unjammed, The 2020 Version

In partnership with the Council of Juvenile Justice Administrators (CJJA) and with support from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, CEEAS is excited to announce that we will launch Unjammed 2020 this summer, with follow-up support running through the 2020-2021 school year.

Unjammed 2020 is designed to ensure that youth held in confinement have access to a high quality education, regardless of the challenges posed to institutions in light of COVID-19. It is designed for juvenile justice agencies who believe fully that in order to achieve their rehabilitative mission, all students must have access to quality, daily instruction, regardless of the barriers.

Unjammed 2020 will offer selected agencies support around a two-pronged technology solution, designed to ensure the delivery of high quality education (and related) programming by juvenile justice agencies and their education partners:

  • Building sound, safe, Internet and wifi solutions that enable selected organizations to offer remote education and related programming to students in secure facilities.
  • Providing teachers and education leadership from selected organizations with the tools they need to make remote, virtual learning engaging, relevant, and meaningful to students.

Unjammed 2020 will be intensive, immersive and conducted primarily online, using video conferencing and other remote communication tools. Unjammed 2020 will require juvenile justice agencies and their education partners to be fully committed to using technology to support teaching and learning so that student access to education will not be curtailed due to any quarantine or similar restriction due to COVID-19. In support of that, the Agency will work with CEEAS to bring WiFi access to the schools and living units of their facilities.

Unjammed 2020 will be conducted in two phases. Phase 1 of the training will focus on ensuring that secure care agencies and their education partners have the technology infrastructures in place to enable WiFi use in the school and living units. Phase 2 of the training will focus on training teachers and education leaders on how to fully use Google Classroom and a set of related instructional tools, with a focus on relevance, meaning and improved student engagement.

Eligible Agencies:

  • State Juvenile Justice Agencies that operate their own educational programs
  • State Juvenile Justice Agencies and their Education Partners, in situations, when the juvenile justice agency does not directly run their educational programs
  • County (or local) Juvenile Justice Agencies and their Education Partners

Selection Process and Criteria:

  • Expressions of Interest are due Monday, June 15th.
  • CEEAS will review Expressions of Interest, and send out Follow-up Applications as they are received. We anticipate making decisions during the weeks of June 15th and 22nd.
  • Note: Juvenile Justice Agencies and Education Partners will need to certify that they are committed to deploying wireless internet connectivity in the school and on student living units to participate in Unjammed 2020.
  • Interested Juvenile Justice Agencies and Education Partners may complete Expressions of Interest HERE.