Facility Director / Superintendent Training

The CJJA Facility Director/Superintendent TrainingĀ  program (FST)Ā  provides juvenile facility directors and superintendents with the knowledge, guidance, and perspectives needed to successfully manage juvenile justice facilities.

A preview of the agenda includes:

  • Best Practice and Evidence-Based Approaches in Detention and Commitment Facilities
  • Strategies to Reduce Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Facilities
  • Applied Leadership and Managing for Results
  • Workforce Strategies to Recruit and Sustain High-Performance
  • Positive Youth Development Approaches to Improve Short and Long-term Outcomes
  • Maintaining Safety and Emergency Preparedness
  • Opportunities for Networking, Team Building and Jurisdictional Planning

Jurisdictions may submit up to three (3) individuals to participate in the TTA program; teams may not exceed three (3) individuals. To be considered, participants must serve in a facility director/superintendent (or deputy superintendent) role and be committed to the entire 6-month training and technical assistance (TTA) program including webinars and coaching calls. Upon successful completion, of both the in-person training conference attendance and TTA/webinar participation, attendees will receive a certificate of completion for the training.

After the in-person training conference, individuals participate in monthly coaching calls.

Facility leadership who operate juvenile correctional and detention facilitiesā€”whether at the county or state level, or within tribal communitiesā€”are encouraged to apply.

Applications for the next training cohort will be released in late summer 2024.

Please direct all questions regarding this program to Katie Penkoff