Services Provided By CJJA

Civil Rights Litigation Avoidance & Monitoring

CJJA offers support with identified practice concerns and/or state or federal violations. Additionally, we provide monitoring oversight and guidance regarding best practice implementation.


Conditions of Confinement

CJJA provides guidance in the reduction/elimination in the use of dangerous practices (isolation, chemical restraints, physical restraints, etc.).

Culture Assessment

CJJA promotes understanding culture and how it allows or prohibits growth and environmental improvements. We assess culture through the lens of a variety of dynamics such as staff wellness, use of force, use of isolation and staff structure. Assessments are conducted through review of records and conducting in-person site visits focused on  identified areas.

Employment Opportunity Assistance

CJJA shares job announcements and executive position opportunities with juvenile justice individuals.

Facility Design and Transition Support

CJJA assists in the design and layout of facilities (new build and current site) to encourage positive youth development, trauma-informed and community-style.

Facility Operations Support & Management

CJJA shares best practices to ensure safety for youth, staff, their families and the community.

Leadership Support

CJJA provides technical assistance regarding departmental transformation through site visits, regular department leadership meetings and policy reviews.

Policy and Practice Review

CJJA gathers current facility/agency policies and practices, reviews and provides guidance based on best practices and supports jurisdictions in revision implementation. This assistance is provided through review of records and in-person site visits.

Policy and Procedure Development

CJJA assists in the development of policy and procedures supported by research and best practices.

Staffing Assessment

CJJA conducts a methodical review to establish, validate, and/or modify post plans, scheduling patterns, and shift relief factors to determine the appropriate number of security staff required to operate the facility safely and efficiently.