COVID-19 Practice, Policy and Emergency Protocols in State Juvenile Facilities

May 1, 2020 |

Protecting youth and staff from exposure to the virus has impacted every aspect of facility management in state juvenile justice systems. Direct care staff, managers and directors have developed creative solutions to address challenges and navigate a new era dictated by social-distancing and emergency planning. Although each state juvenile justice agency differs in its size and the types and numbers of facilities it operates, there are also common challenges and innovative practices shared by many. To capture these challenges and innovations, the Council of Juvenile Justice Administrators has developed an Issue Brief that highlights a range of responses to COVID -19 reported by state juvenile justice agency directors and facility superintendents during regional and national COVID-19 listening sessions. The Issue Brief summarizes areas of facility operations including emergency planning, facility admissions, release/reentry, visitation, academic services, health and mental health, programming, and staffing.   Access the COVID-19 Practice, Policy & Emergency Protocols in State Juvenile Facilities Issue Brief here.