CJJA and PbS Awards Announcements for Outstanding Leadership In Juvenile Justice 2020

Apr 10, 2020 |

Once again, it is an honor to open the nomination field for the CJJA Outstanding Leadership in Juvenile Justice. Since 1994, the Council of Juvenile Justice Administrators has been nationally known for connecting juvenile correctional CEO’s and advancing juvenile justice reform efforts across the country focusing on improving conditions of confinement, reducing incidents of violence and improving the long-term outcomes for youth entrusted the care of juvenile justice systems.

The CJJA Awards for Outstanding Leadership in Juvenile Justice are presented each year to honor to individuals who have shown exemplary leadership by implementing and sustaining reform within their jurisdictions and/or nationally. They are champions for juvenile justice reform and improved outcomes for youth. The award honors their commitment to improving the lives of youths and work towards creating a fairer, more equitable juvenile justice system.

The Edward J. Loughran Outstanding Leadership Award is presented to an individual who has shown extraordinary leadership in any capacity in the juvenile justice field and is committed to improving the lives of youths. The award is named after CJJA’s founding executive director who was an advocate without equal for children, youths and families involved in juvenile justice systems and the leaders who served them. This award will be presented at the PbS Awards Dinner at the CJJA Summer Business Meeting, 2020.

Click Here for Eligibility and Nomination Form

Additionally, at PbS, they are excited to announce the call for nominations in these outstanding juvenile justice areas:

The 2020 Performance-based Standards (PbS) awards season is underway with opportunities available for youths and staff in PbS-participating agencies!

PbS welcomes applications and entries for the PbS Barbara Allen-Hagen Award, Kids Got Talent Contest, Scholarship Fund, Reentry Award, Youth Art Contest and Employment Matching Award:

  • Barbara Allen-Hagen Award for the correction, detention/assessment and community residential facility that best exemplifies our commitment to treating all youths as one of our own. Applications received will be eligible for a random drawing for great PbS prizes including a brand new kiosk! The application deadline has been extended to April 15.
  • Kids Got Talent Contest for youths to share their talents and compete for a chance to perform at the annual awards night. Entries will be accepted through April 15.
  • Scholarship Fund awards youths and staff up to $2,000 each to assist in their pursuit for higher education. Applications will be accepted through April 30.
  • Reentry Award for youths who need a little extra help in their transition from placement back into the community. Applications will be accepted through April 30.
    Youth Art Contest for youths to share their artistic talents. Entries will be accepted in April and May.
  • Employment Matching Award for youths working over the summer while in custody to bolster savings for their release. Applications will be available in June.

If your agency participates in PbS, we encourage you to apply. Recipients of each award will be announced during the 2020 CJJA and PbS awards night on Aug. 7 in Cincinnati.

Please visit the PbS award page for additional information.