CJCA Awards for Outstanding Leadership In Juvenile Justice – deadline extended to May 31!

May 9, 2019 |

CJCA Awards for Outstanding Leadership in Juvenile Justice

About the Awards:

Since 1994, the Council of Juvenile Correctional Administrators has been nationally known for connecting juvenile correctional CEO’s and advancing juvenile justice reform efforts across the country focusing on improving conditions of confinement, reducing incidents of violence and improving the long-term outcomes for youth entrusted the care of juvenile justice systems.

The CJCA Awards for Outstanding Leadership in Juvenile Justice are presented each year to honor

individuals who have shown exemplary leadership by implementing and sustaining reform within their jurisdictions and/or nationally. They are champions for juvenile justice reform and improved outcomes for youth. The award honors their commitment to improving the lives of youths and work towards creating a fairer, more equitable juvenile justice system.

The Edward J. Loughran Outstanding Leadership Award is presented to an individual who has shown extraordinary leadership in any capacity in the juvenile justice field and is committed to improving the lives of youths. The award is named after CJCA’s founding executive director who was an advocate without equal for children, youths and families involved in juvenile justice systems and the leaders who served them.

Award Criteria

Nominations can be submitted by any individual or group who has completed the nomination form addressing the following award criteria:

  1. LEADERSHIP – ability to motivate and inspire others to accomplish a specific goal or objective; this involves an element of risk in order to benefit others.
  2. INITIATIVE – demonstrates ability to take charge by creating or developing a program, project, or activity that impacts the field.
  3. DEDICATION – is recognized by others for being dedicated to achieving the desired results; accomplishes much within the juvenile justice field.
  4. INSPIRATION – inspires others to get involved and make a difference in the lives of youth and families we serve.
  5. Provide a minimum of one (1) letter of support, not including the nominating individual or group 


To be eligible to receive the award, the nominee must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be an individual who has made an outstanding contribution over the course of his or her career to improving juvenile justice systems to positively impact the lives of youth, staff and families.
  2. Be an Individual with current or former service in the juvenile justice field who has succeeded in positively impacting the lives of justice-involved youth with a longtime commitment to helping youths move away from re-offending, and towards building their potential to lead successful lives.
  3. Be an individual who has dedicated their service within a juvenile justice agency or organization that is committed to growth and reform for justice-involved youth.
  4. Be committed to improving conditions of confinement, reducing incidents of violence in secure facilities, and/or improving the long-term outcomes for youth, their families and communities.

Nomination Process

Nominations for the leadership award are sought from the field approximately three months prior to the annual CJCA conference in August of each year. All nominations should be submitted using the CJCA Nomination form. Nominations will be reviewed and considered according to the award criteria.

Deadline for Nominations

Nomination forms must be completed no later than May 31 2019. Questions regarding the award, nomination process, or other related issues should be directed to Darlene Conroy via email at Darlene.conroy@cjca.net.

Selection Process

The Award Selection Committee, consisting of agents/representatives of CJCA and at least one CJCA Board Member, will review and discuss all nominations and submit a recommendation to the CJCA Board for a final decision and approval. The selected recipient and the individual or group who submitted the nomination, will be notified via phone by the CJCA President or designee.

Award Presentation

The award recipient will be invited to receive the award at the CJCA Awards Night Ceremony during the CJCA Summer Meeting on August 2-4 in Boston, MA. The award recipient will be asked to sign a release form, granting CJCA to use the descriptive material from the nomination form and photos without compensation for the sole purpose of promoting recognition for the recipient, the award and CJCA.

The recipient will be announced to the news media and will receive the following from CJCA:

  1. Award presentation at our national awards night dinner;
  2. An engraved plaque;
  3. Waived registration fee for the CJCA conference;
  4. One night’s lodging;
  5. Recognized on the CJCA’s website and other social media accounts as an award recipient.

Click here for the nomination form.