Research and Data Analysis Committee

The Research and Data Analysis Committee is comprised of CJJA members and research/analyst staff.  The goal of the committee is to expand the use of data and analysis to enhance the effectiveness of practices, guide policy and practice decisions of juvenile justice leaders, and increase research partnerships.  Outcome data provide the basis for designing more effective programs and services, inform decision makers about levels of success related to objectives and examine the effects of programmatic and/or policy changes, and demonstrate accountability for juvenile justice agencies.  The committee strives for standardization of measurement and terms to ensure possible comparisons across studies and jurisdictions.


Recidivism Publications:

CJCA Recidivism White Paper (PDF)

Research and Data and Analysis Committee University Resources

Juvenile Justice Research-Practitioner Partnerships

Research-practitioner partnerships (RPPs) are mutually beneficial collaborations typically formed between juvenile justice agencies and universities and are focused upon increasing and improving the use of evidence-based practices in juvenile justice.

Agencies and universities that have developed RPPs have reported experiencing positive results for system improvement and youth as a result of the strengthened connections between research evidence, decision-making, and juvenile outcomes.

RPPs can be developed from a single project and evolve into long-term relationships that lead to continual, positive feedback between those conducting research and the juvenile justice decision-makers tasked with improving the lives and outcomes of those youth involved in the juvenile justice system.

Some universities have long-standing partnerships with local juvenile systems. These relationships can result in many outcomes, including:

  • Development of new programs to prevent delinquency and reduce recidivism
  • Evaluation of treatment programs and protocols
  • Validation of risk-assessment instruments
  • Assessment of alternatives to arrest

RPPs in juvenile justice can positively impact juvenile justice practices and the lives of delinquent youths

Here are some examples: 

Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections – Boise State University (Review Document) 

Florida Department of Juvenile Justice and Florida State University College of Criminology and Criminal Justice MOU 

The Institute for Innovation and Implementation University of Maryland School of Social Work (agreement) 


The following websites provide a guide and detailed examples for establishing University/Practitioner Partnerships:


Christy K. Daly, Research and Data Analylsis Committee Chair

Christy K. Daly, Research and Data Analylsis Committee Chair

(former) Secretary, Florida Department of Juvenile Justice