by Susan Lockwood (Author)

Walk into any kindergarten classroom and choose six students. Would you be surprised to learn that one of those young students will drop out before finishing high school? Somewhere along the way, young students are losing their excitement to learn and beginning to feel hopeless in our current educational system. And what about the children who don’t leave school but who go home to abuse, hunger, and neglect?

Kicked to the Curb is an accessible and powerful new book aiming to help teachers, administrators, policy makers, and adults who care help our kids get everything they can out of their education and life. This book will help us see that:

  • Each student has a different idea of “normal,” and it’s probably different than you’d think.
  • Some students’ priority is survival, not learning to read and calculate
  • Students with behavioral disorders may require alternative methods of learning and care.
  • The adults in our kids’ lives may not have the tools to help their child improve.
  • Children and youth may not trust the adults in their home, so they may not immediately trust you, either. So, how can we build the relationship so they can see we want help them?

This bold book on education policy focuses on the importance of personalized instruction and introduces innovative ways to help each student learn. From improving adult education to saying hello to students in the hallway, author Susan Lockwood shares how you can make sure that no student ever feels kicked to the curb.   Click here for a copy of this new book.