CJJA Policy Library

 The following policies are provided for reference and consideration. Readers should not interpret the CJJA Policy Library as an endorsement of a particular policy or as a representation of a “gold standard.” Rather, the intent of the library is to evoke discussion within your jurisdiction regarding best practices and key elements to include in policies and procedures. Jurisdictions must consider these policies in the context of their unique juvenile justice system structure; state and local mandates; risk tolerance level; and other individual needs. This page will be updated periodically as policies are submitted for review and approved by the panel.

Policies by Category

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AWOL's and Escape

Behavior Management System

Discipline Policies

Extensions of Stay- under development

Isolation/Room Confinement-under development

Reentry Planning, Programming

Referrals to Law Enforcement

Restraints and Use of Force

Restraints for Transportation and Courtrooms

Youth Grievances