CJJA Board President: Lisa Bjergaard, North Dakota

Newsletter, February 2020

Competent, qualified staff who can implement best practices and positive programming are key factors to the success of the youth they serve.  CJJA is working hard to meet one of the biggest challenges for juvenile Facility Directors and Superintendents  — access to high quality training that leads to improvements in facilities operations, improved conditions of confinement, reduced incidents of violence and ultimately safer environments for both staff and youth leading to improved outcomes for al youth entrusted to the care of JJ systems.

This is why I’m highlighting CJJA’s 2020 Calendar and encouraging our membership to participate in one or more of CJJA’s professional development events throughout the year.  CJJA is dedicated to disseminating best practices to juvenile facilities through a variety of opportunities and has several trainings lined up including the third cohort of Facility Director/Superintendent Training.

This year trainings and webinars cover a wide variety of topics that are linked to the safety and security of our facilities and to the wellness of our workforce.  These include: youth and family voice in facility-based services; how to design programming and educational services that contribute to youth achievements; the basics of emergency planning; trauma-informed services; how to improve facility culture and other key aspects of conditions of confinement; Federal guidelines and standards for the management of facilities; Positive Youth Justice programming; ethics in juvenile justice; collecting and analyzing key performance data; how to employ a diverse and multi-generational workforce; strategies on staff wellness, reducing racial/ethnic disparities; and promoting positive youth development.

In 2020, several webinars are being recorded and posted to the CJJA website for access anytime.  This blended approach makes access to best practices and subject matter experts easier and convenient for all levels of staff.

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